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После выхода Windows 8 и ее обновленной версии многие решили перейти на ее использование, однако вряд ли замену ОС можно было бы назвать действительно полноценной, если вы не используете уникальные темы для Windows 8/8.1 Вы можете скачать креативное оформление рабочего стола новой операционной системы, при помощи которого можно будет действительно всецело насладиться всеми новшествами недавно выпущенной ОС. Широчайший выбор среди различных оригинальных вариантов оформления позволяет изменить Windows до неузнаваемости, при этом если вам больше по душе внешний вид старой Windows 7, вы можете скачать привычный вам дизайн, адаптированный под новую версию операционной системы. Абсолютно любое внешнее обновление будет проводиться без какой-либо модификации самой системы. У вас есть возможность выбрать в этой категории самые популярные и оригинальные темы для рабочего стола Виндовс 8 в большом количестве, за счет чего вы сможете менять понравившиеся вам варианты оформления хоть ежедневно. При этом стоит отметить, что в отличие от стандартных тем оригинальное оформление изменяет не только цвет окна и фоновый рисунок, они преображают полностью весь визуальный стиль, делая рабочий стол действительно удобным и приятным ESET Smart Security 6 RC

View Windows Gadget is an interesting feature first introduced in Windows Vista and 7. They may be used to display information such as the system time, CPU/RAM usage and .,A few weeks ago I agreed to join a Christmas House Tour with a group of my blogger friends. Several weeks can sometimes be enough time to knock out a .,Free Download 100000 icons.The largest collection of perfect vector icons,Free Download World's best selection of high quality icons.Android icons, windows icons .

View Merry Christmas Mom and Dad (A Golden Look-Look Book) [Mercer Mayer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter is getting .,Arrival of Christmas marks joy and happiness. People all over the world celebrate Christmas with great festivity and fervor. Christmas decoration is one of the major .,Download Christmas Wonderland today, or play this and 2400 other top games online for free at GameHouse.

View Celebrate the season during holidays at Walt Disney World Resort, with festivities taking place at our theme parks, Disney Resort hotels and Disney Springs.,Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ held annually on 25 December. Its celebration has come under both secular and religious attack since .,Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of .

Christmas Decorations Ideas Easy Creative Christmas .

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"Animated Picture" is a special animation type supported by System Animator. Basically, they look like static pictures when idle, with various parts changing opacity/rotation/size responding to the system activity monitored. All Animated Pictures can be used as music player, and sometimes even video player/image slideshow. Check out this video to know more about Animated Picture.

Click any item with the ▶ sign to expand the list. Click any link to preview and download. (sorting: default by date)

  • 【Anime】 (31 categories / January 26, 2017)
    • Air Gear (October 16, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Ringo (October 16, 2009)
    • Angel Beats! (September 14, 2010)
      • ★★Yui x Yui (September 14, 2010 / video playback(*))
    • Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) (September 16, 2013)
    • Bakemonogatari (化物語) / Nisemonogatari (偽物語) (September 2, 2012)
      • Bakemonogatari - Gals 01 (November 24, 2009)
      • Bakemonogatari - Gals 02 (December 8, 2009)
      • Hitagi the Kitty Maid (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • ★★Nisemonogatari 01 (version A) (April 15, 2012)
      • 【EQ】Bakemonogatari 01 (v.2) (March 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Hitagi 01 (October 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Hitagi 02 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • ★★【EQ】Hitagi the Kitty Maid (v.3) (June 28, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Nisemonogatari 01 (version B) (April 15, 2012)
      • 【EQ】supercell (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • ★★★【EQ】Watch Your Back (November 19, 2010 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • 【M-rated】Hitagi: Cut it... (January 4, 2010)
      • ★★【M-rated】Hitagi and Kanbaru (September 2, 2012)
    • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない) (September 16, 2013)
      • Sena Kashiwazaki in Kimono (September 16, 2013)
    • Chobits (October 26, 2010)
      • ★★Mistress Of The Night (October 26, 2010 / video playback(*))
    • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (October 26, 2010)
    • Date A Live (September 16, 2013)
    • Durarara!! (August 27, 2010)
    • Elfen Lied (June 28, 2010)
      • Lucy (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Lucy (v.2) (June 28, 2010)
    • Ghost in the Shell (October 4, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Metal Gear Solid 4 Crossover (October 4, 2009)
    • Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン) (April 20, 2010)
      • Kamina, Simon and Yoko (January 16, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 01 (October 16, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 02 (November 9, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 03 (November 17, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 04 (October 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 05 (November 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Yoko 06 (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Yoko x 4 (April 20, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Yoko the Teacher (December 8, 2009)
    • Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒ) (November 19, 2010)
      • Haruhi 01 (v.2) (October 6, 2009)
      • Haruhi 02 (v.2) (October 6, 2009 / by sun)
      • Haruhi the Bunny (v.2) (October 6, 2009)
      • Harusona 4 (February 20, 2010 / Video Tutorial: How this animation was made)
      • ★★★SOS Dan Arrested...! (November 19, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • 【EQ】Fashion Band (October 4, 2009)
      • 【EQ】SOS Dan - Halloween (v.2) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Yuki the Halloween Witch (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Yuki x Yui (K-ON! crossover) (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
    • Hayate the Combat Butler (June 9, 2010)
    • Highschool of the Dead (September 19, 2011)
      • ★★【EQ】Highschool of the Dead 01 (September 19, 2011 / video playback(*))
    • K-ON! (December 3, 2012)
      • Bunny Trio (Yui, Azusa, Ui) (v.2) (August 20, 2009)
      • Christmas (December 22, 2009)
      • Heart Maids (October 16, 2009)
      • ★★Houkago Teatime (July 17, 2012)
      • K-ON!! (January 23, 2011)
      • Live Trio (August 6, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • Mio 01 (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • ★★Mio - Front and Back (version A) (January 23, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • ★★Mio - Front and Back (version B) (January 23, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • ★★Mio - No, Thank You! (January 23, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • Mio - Shy 01 (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • Mio - Shy 02 (v.4) (October 6, 2009)
      • Mio - X'mas (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • Mio and Yui Kitty (v.2) (October 6, 2009)
      • Mio x Ritsu - Memories (version A) (April 20, 2010)
      • ★★Mio x Ritsu - Yuri (March 2, 2010 / video demo)
      • ★★Mio x Yoko (v.2) (December 3, 2012 / customized FX(**))
      • ★★NO, Thank You! (September 8, 2010)
      • Pure Pure Heart (December 19, 2010)
      • Super Stage (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • ★★★Super Stage (REMAKE) (v.3) (June 9, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • Yui and Strawberry (September 8, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • Winter Band (v.2) (October 6, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Azusa 01 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Girls x Gils (v.2) (October 4, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Mio 01 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Mio 02 (March 30, 2010)
      • ★★★【EQ】Mio in Midnight City (v.3) (September 19, 2011 / customized FX(**) / video demo)
      • 【EQ】Mio in Summer (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Mio in Towel (January 1, 2012)
      • 【EQ】Mio x Ritsu - Memories (version B) (April 20, 2010)
      • ★★【EQ】Poker Band (v.2) (June 20, 2010 / NOTE)
      • 【EQ】Yui 01 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • ★★【EQ】Yui - Seifuku and Swimsuit (April 2, 2012 / video demo)
      • 【M-rated】Topless Band (October 16, 2009)
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】Ecchi Maids (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
    • Lucky Star (March 24, 2010)
    • Macross Frontier (April 7, 2013)
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion (March 16, 2011)
      • Asuka in Test Plugsuit (February 20, 2010)
      • ★★★Asuka in Test Plugsuit 02 (June 28, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • Asuka "Unplugged" (March 30, 2010)
      • ★★Mari x Rei x Asuka (March 16, 2011)
      • 【EQ】Asuka 01 (October 16, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Asuka 02 (November 9, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Asuka in Test Plugsuit (November 17, 2009)
      • ★★【EQ】Asuka in Test Plugsuit 02 (v.2) (August 8, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Mari 01 (October 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Mari 02 (November 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Mari in Bikini (December 8, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Rei and Asuka (January 4, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Rei Bandaged (October 4, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Rei in Fashion (January 16, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Rei - Sexy (February 5, 2010)
    • One Piece (August 17, 2010)
    • Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) (May 5, 2013)
    • Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (January 26, 2017)
      • ★★★Emilia (January 26, 2017 / customized FX(**) / video demo)
    • Rosario Vampire (August 20, 2012)
    • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (さよなら 絶望先生) (January 4, 2010)
    • Shakugan no Shana (灼眼のシャナ) (March 24, 2010)
    • Strike Witches (September 30, 2012)
      • ★★Erica Hartmann (September 30, 2012)
    • Sword Art Online (December 3, 2012)
    • To Love-Ru (December 20, 2012)
    • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun / Toaru Majutsu no Index (とある科学の超電磁砲 / とある魔術の禁書目録) (August 5, 2012)
    • Vividred Operation (September 16, 2013)
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】Momo Isshiki (September 16, 2013)
    • Zero No Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔) (May 7, 2011)
      • ★★Louise and Roses (May 7, 2011 / video playback(*))
  • 【Video Games】 (12 categories / Oct 5, 2015)
    • Choujigen Game Neptune (超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ) (August 20, 2012)
      • ★★Purple Heart (August 20, 2012)
    • Darkstalkers (October 6, 2009)
    • Fate/stay night (May 5, 2013)
    • Final Fantasy VII (March 17, 2010)
    • Final Fantasy XIII (January 1, 2012)
      • Lightning (v.3) (October 16, 2009)
      • Lightning - Between Heaven and Earth (v.3) (March 17, 2010)
      • ★★★Lightning - Between Heaven and Earth (REMAKE) (v.4)
        (July 23, 2010 / video playback(*) / NOTE / video demo)
      • 【EQ】Final Fantasy XIII - 01 (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Lightning - Between Heaven and Earth (version B) (May 26, 2010 / NOTE)
      • 【EQ】Lightning and Odin (October 4, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Lightning and Sword (November 17, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Lightning in Lingerie (January 1, 2012)
      • 【EQ】Serah (November 9, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Vanille 01 (October 24, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Vanille 02 (November 24, 2009)
    • Final Fantasy Versus XIII (October 22, 2009)
      • 【EQ】Noctis (v.3) (October 22, 2009)
    • Persona 3 Portable (August 17, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Butler and Maid (June 9, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Love (August 17, 2010)
    • Persona 4 (April 28, 2010)
    • Street Fighter IV (June 28, 2010)
    • THE [email protected] (December 19, 2010)
    • Touhou (東方) (April 7, 2013)
      • Boss Rush (August 27, 2010)
      • Flandre Scarlet - 01 (February 5, 2010 / video demo)
      • Flandre Scarlet - 02 (March 16, 2011 / by dark13th)
      • ★★Flandre and iPhone (April 7, 2013 / video playback(*))
      • ★★★Hijiri Byakuren and Her Music Room (September 19, 2011 / video playback(*) / customized FX(**))
      • ★★Izayoi Sakuya (March 16, 2011)
      • ★★Kaguya Houraisan (December 19, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • ★★Kazami Yuuka (September 14, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • Reisen (v.2) (August 20, 2009)
      • ★★The Eternally Scarlet Young Moon (November 19, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • 【EQ】All Stars (April 2, 2012)
      • 【EQ】Izayoi Sakuya 01 (March 30, 2010)
      • ★★★【M-rated】Flandre The Dangerous Loli (May 20, 2012 / video playback(*))
      • ★★【M-rated】Marisa The Sexy Witch (July 9, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • 【M-rated】Remilia the Sexy Vampire (November 5, 2009 / video demo)
      • ★★★【M-rated】Remilia the Sexy Vampire (REMAKE) (August 6, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • ★★【M-rated】Sakuya and Clocks (v.2) (November 15, 2012 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • ★★★【M-rated】The Sexy Four (July 17, 2012)
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】Yakumo Yukari (March 30, 2010)
    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni (うみねこのなく頃に) (January 23, 2011)
    • Valkyrie Chronicles (October 6, 2009)
      • Selvaria Bles (v.4) (October 6, 2009)
  • 【Others】 (8 categories / Oct 5, 2015)
    • Black Rock Shooter (September 8, 2010)
    • Environmental Weapon Girls (May 5, 2013 / by Tbarey / image source)
    • Marvel (December 20, 2012)
    • Michael Jackson (December 3, 2012)
    • Super Sonico (October 14, 2012)
    • Tony Taka (CG artist) (March 30, 2010)
    • Vocaloids (May 27, 2013)
      • ★★ABCDXXX (v.2) (August 17, 2010 / video demo)
      • Cutie Trio (v.3) (September 2, 2012 / video playback(*))
      • ★★GUNNERS (version A) (v.2) (June 9, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku - 1925 (April 20, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku - 3939 (July 23, 2010)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku - Battle Style (LITE) (December 20, 2012 / FULL DOWNLOAD / video playback(*) / video effect(***) / by Tbarey / video demo)
      • Hatsune Miku - Black and Blue (November 9, 2009)
      • ★★Hatsune Miku - Confused (March 16, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • Hatsune Miku - Light Song (January 4, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku - Lights (v.3) (October 6, 2009)
      • ★★Hatsune Miku - Lights and Noodles (January 1, 2012 / video playback(*))
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku - Music Station (May 27, 2013 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • ★★Hatsune Miku - Only a little (December 19, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku - Sexy Kitty (March 16, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • Hatsune Miku - Speakers (February 20, 2010 / by sun)
      • Hatsune Miku - Stars (January 16, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku - The Glowing Star of the Night City (March 2, 2010)
      • ★★Hatsune Miku - World is Mine (July 23, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku - YOUTHFUL DAYS' GRAFFITI (February 20, 2010)
      • Hatsune Miku's Hut (November 17, 2009 / video demo)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku's Hut (REMAKE) (June 28, 2010 / video demo)
      • Hatsune Miku and Arm Hammer (December 8, 2009)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku and Magic Window (September 8, 2010 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku and PSP (PlayStation Portable) (January 23, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • Hatsune Miku and the Sea of Birth (November 24, 2009 / video demo)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku and the Sea of Birth (REMAKE) (June 28, 2010 / video demo)
      • Hatsune Miku the Aquarian Princess (v.2) (October 16, 2009)
      • Hatsune Miku the Aquarian Princess (cropped version) (v.2) (October 16, 2009)
      • ★★★Hatsune Miku x Megurine Luka - Yuri (v.5) (LITE)
        (December 20, 2012 / FULL DOWNLOAD / video playback(*) / video effect(***) / video demo 01|02)
      • Kaito and Reflection (March 16, 2011 / by Cynherr)
      • Maids and Butlers (July 9, 2011)
      • ★★★Megurine Luka x Kagamine Ren - Perfect Crime
        (September 14, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • ★★Megurine Luka x Kagamine Rin - Yuri (April 28, 2010)
      • Megurine Luka x Lily - Yuri (February 13, 2012)
      • ★★★Megurine Luka - Love Story (September 19, 2011 / video playback(*))
      • ★★★Megurine Luka - Mad Lovers (April 7, 2013 / video playback(*))
      • Megurine Luka - Smoking (March 30, 2010)
      • ★★Megurine Luka - The Lying Carousel (v.2) (July 23, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • ★★Miki (May 7, 2011)
      • ★★Rin and Kitties (May 20, 2012)
      • Vocaloids (v.2) (October 6, 2009)
      • ★★★World's End Dancehall (August 6, 2010 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • ★★【EQ】GUNNERS (version B) (v.2) (June 9, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Halloween 01 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Halloween 02 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Hatsune Miku - Append 01 (June 28, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Hatsune Miku - Append 02 (August 27, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Luka in Tuxedo (April 15, 2012)
      • 【EQ】Sexy 123 (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Slingshot (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】Vocaloids in Kimono (November 24, 2009)
      • 【M-rated】Vocaloids Arrested (November 13, 2009)
      • ★★【M-rated】Vocaloids Arrested (REMAKE) (June 28, 2010 / video playback(*))
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】Hatsune Miku - Wild and Sexy (v.3) (March 24, 2010)
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】The Beautiful Moon and the Sexy Miku (October 4, 2009)
    • Miscellaneous (December 3, 2012)
      • ★★★Futuristic Home Cinema (April 2, 2012 / video playback(*) / NOTE / by Seymour / video demo)
      • ★★Girl and Monsters (April 2, 2012 / customized FX(**))
      • Halloween Street (November 13, 2012 / video demo)
      • ★★★Sci-Fi Witch (January 23, 2011 / by KinBodiare)
      • StickyPic Player (December 3, 2012 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • ★★★Takagi-San The Gothic Maid (October 26, 2010 / video playback(*) / video demo)
      • 【EQ】School Girls - Yuri 01 (March 30, 2010)
      • 【EQ】School Girls - Yuri 02 (v.2) (August 17, 2010)
      • ★★★【EQ】Sexy Bitch (v.2) (December 3, 2012 / video playback(*) / customized FX(**) / video demo)
      • 【M-rated】【EQ】Frozen Sexy Duo (August 17, 2010)


  • (*) denotes the support of video playback (MP4/WebM) directly inside the animation. Just drag and drop a video file to the animation, and it will play with mixed visuals. Either Silverlight or "HTML5 Canvas" (HTA/XUL/Chromium) option of System Animator needs to be enabled. Check out this video for demonstration.

    Since System Animator 5, this feature has been extended to allow the display of random pictures inside the animation from any folder you selected. This makes it possible to use any Animated Picture (supporting video playback feature) as a desktop image viewer/slideshow. Check out this video for demonstration.

  • (**) denotes the support of customized Fireworks effect, an option available in HTA/XUL/Chromium mode. Check out this video for an example of customized Fireworks effects (colorful hearts).
  • (***) denotes the inclusion of video overlay effect. Extra visual effect can be added to any Animated Picture running in HTA/XUL/Chromium mode, by overlaying a video (MP4/WebM) over the animation. Check out this video for demonstration.
  • 【EQ】 denotes a special variation of "Animated Picture" animation. These animations are usually composed of no more than two static images, or even just one! They are intended to be simple and and easy to make, easy enough for an average person to create their own animation in just a few minutes! Check out this video for demonstration.
  • All animations are resizable. The display size can be changed manually by double-clicking on the animation (resizable down to 1/4 of the normal size), or use the buttons on the top right and bottom right.
  • Wanna make your own "Animated Picture" animation All you need are one picture, some image editing skills, and IMAGINATION! Check out the Make Your Animation section for more info. The latest template of "animate.js" used to make Animated Pictures can be downloaded below.
    Download "at_systemanimator_eqp-animate.js" (v1.3 windows essentials 2012 - Offline Installer

    0 / last updated on November 2, 2012)!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Merry Christmas!: 101 Joyous .

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Christmas Poem Parody

As of yesterday morning, I still didn’t know if I would meet my own deadline, but here I am, coffee in hand, determined to get things wrapped up to welcome you in for my 2017 Christmas Home Tour. I actually missed my “start decorating for Christmas (complete with a holly doodle)” reminder date in my planner since I was on back to back to back trips and in the middle of multiple room makeovers (friends, don’t EVER let me do that again right before the holidays!). But, December hasn’t even started yet and we are finally and officially in perfect-for-Hallmark-movie-marathons twinkle light Heaven. In the weeks leading up to today, some days I imagined our home full-on resembling Santa’s workshop; on less ambitious days, I conceded to likely having a tree, some plaid cocktail napkins and calling it “good” haha. Well, it may not be the North Pole, but after literally saying “Done, except for just a few things” prior to our Thanksgiving trip and then walking in the door after our trek home to more than two more full days of decorating, on a scale of “winter wonderland to Charlie Brown”, I feel good about saying we are closer to the former We’ve got champagne, wine and other Christmas color schemes and some first-year themes for our home.

One last thing before we even head through the front door. Remember last year’s tour Keep in mind that I did not run out and buy all new decor this year. I am always asked if I buy all new each year. Even with my own site, no, I don’t. Some things you may quickly recognize, others you may notice re-purposed in different areas, some things may be absent and others reconfigured in a fresh way. I did a little tree filler shopping but we’ll talk about that in just a few. Let’s get you in from the cold balmy temps that I thought we had escaped.

Note: a full room source list and details is provided at the bottom of the post. 

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Y’all, we now have two years’ worth of post-Christmas purchased lights and small wreaths for outside, but we have yet to actually use them haha. I actually forgot until I saw them in a dark corner under a pile of pillows in the basement (I’m pretty sure Dave tried to bury them there to make me forget about all our previous, well intended Clark Griswold plans). I’m going to share some porch and outdoor holiday pretties on December 11, so maybe I’ll pull something out of my hat and surprise us both by then But, by far (I’ve shared this before and I’ll share it again!), the easiest and cheapest way to add some Christmas cheer on your porch is to swing by your local hardware/home improvement store (local Christmas tree lots may do the same or they may re-purpose and charge). I go to Lowe’s and they keep a big bin of all the tree clippings, free for the taking. I mix mine with some faux pine and berries but there is so much you can do with those fresh clippings (think mantel, table decor, light fixtures…) I also get this question a good bit – I fill my urn bottoms with bricks. It gives good height to clippings and good drainage for my flower pots.


One year, I added live greenery draping from the tops of my cabinets. It was pretty but with thin cabinet molding, it got in the way every time we opened a cabinet door (read: we knocked dried branches all day, every day, and made a big ‘ol mess). I learned my lesson and tend to keep it simple now. I have a few “moments” happening in here but pretty much prefer to let my treats and more Christmasy entertaining pieces bring in the holiday vibes.

These buffalo check and gingham plates are perfect year-round (I received them as a gift). In the summer, they scream “picnic!” and during the holidays, “cozy plaid!”.

You don’t even have to set up an entire hot cocoa bar; you can bring out some copper mugs and keep them displayed and ready to go on a tray. You could even set an apothecary jar, filled with marshmallows, next to your holiday mugs without going “all out”. We also frame our Christmas cards to display during Christmas


The adjoining breakfast nook ended up being a happy little accident. I always get live garland (from Costco) to mix in with the faux for the banisters and mantel and then trim the more drapey cedar limbs to adorn the little chandelier in here. I went to the grocery store at 6 a.m. the other day in search of some flowers to pull together a winter mix centerpiece for my little wooden planter (I have the medium). I struck out but they had a ton of poinsettias in every size. They didn’t have any white though and while I did bring some red into our home this year, “poinsettia red” was a little too vibrant. I settled on this peachy shade and just love her!

Sometimes I fill these oversized lanterns (from ZGallerie several years ago and no longer available :/) with ornaments and garland, but kept them simple this year with some faux snow and pillar candles.

Here’s what initiated the “happy accident”. When I was pulling all of our Christmas decor out of boxes, I was trying to go lighter in areas and change things up from previous years. I realized I had all these cone and bottlebrush trees without homes and gathered them to to take inventory on my breakfast nook buffet. It wasn’t planned but I kind of liked how they looked, all clustered together in a mini forest. I went back and forth between “how cute!” and “oh my word, this is obnoxious” before pulling a couple, reconfiguring, and adding a thin strand of twinkle lights for whimsy.

And you may not think it just by seeing it in store, but look how well the peach/blush-toned poinsettias compliment deep wine reds and champagne The copper in the kitchen warms things right up, too


FYI- these more satiny ribbons are from Hobby Lobby BUT, I had the hardest time finding a deep red wine color and champagne! I was able to locate them in the regular ribbon section but for the most part, their displayed holiday ribbons were all bright red and shiny gold. If you go searching for ribbon, don’t forget to check all around the store. There will usually be additional sections near fabric and floral I actually relied heavily on using ribbon to change entire looks. Like I said before, I didn’t rush out and buy all new Christmas decor. But, getting a few new staples like ribbon is a super easy way to change your entire look from year to year. I also came across a small box of unopened pinecone ornaments from two years ago and tied them onto the backs of our bar stools.

So, this is what I’ve been looking forward to sharing. Y’all, I have red in my house! Well, wine and champagne with a little gold thrown in. Hey, my house can be filled with those things any time

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying our classic Christmas tree. Believe it or not, I already had everything for this tree with the exception of a few deep red ornaments and red ribbon. That’s what I love about investing in a base of neutral ornaments! You can change the entire look of your tree, on a whim, without shelling out hundreds. And, just because I added red didn’t mean I had to go all red, all over. With such a powerful color and all the lights and shiny, glittery adornments in the tree, a little goes a long way. You can see my tree decorating and ribbon tutorial HERE.

I decided to forego the office tree this year but used a few copper/rose gold-ish ornaments from last year’s blush toned tree.

As we make our way through, you’ll probably notice a lot of jars and boxes of ornaments just laying around. Such an easy way to decorate and mix up new colors. If you already have plenty of ornaments on  hand, perfect! If not, only displaying super fine ornaments can get expensive. Try mixing a few special baubles with some inexpensive “filler” ornaments (like the boxes from Michaels and Hobby Lobby- I use those everywhere!)

With the addition of the sound bar (a “surprise” when I came home from a business trip earlier this year haha), the mantel garland was a little trickier and stocking hangers were out of the question. I added these command hooks to the top of the stone mantel and they worked like a dream. I used two basic garlands with some champagne balls but used my leftover tree trimmings to make it my own. I hot glued balls, wove in some ribbon, nestled in some pinecones, mixed in some live garland, and then strung in some battery powered twinkle lights.

Some people get new stockings every year. We don’t. And we never did growing up, either. I always loved having one special stocking to look forward to that my mom had needle-pointed. We’ve had these from Restoration Hardware for years but I added a little embellishment to them this year by tying on a little duo sprig of greenery. You could add bells, ornaments, etc. HERE are some gray snow leopard stockings with pom poms I love

I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to have snagged this wooden bowl from the PB Outlet as I was when decorating this season. With all the glittery and shiny objects everywhere, I wanted to tone it down a little and the gold bowl I originally had these ornaments in was a little too “whoa!” Having something more earthy brings in some of that coziness and compliments the live greenery. Don’t discount some of your more neutral/natural pieces just because they don’t scream “Merry Christmas!” all on their own.

If you’re like me, you end up with a lot of ribbon scraps. Admittedly, several are too long and should have never been “scraps” in the first place haha But, they are still too short for a gift bow. If you have any books on display/your coffee table, wrap them and dress them up a little. You can also tie a bow around a throw or two in your living room blanket basket.

This crystal was my grandmothers; if there was ever a time to bring out the family heirlooms and sentimental things, that time is now.

Here’s a closer look of my garland. We secure the faux and then literally lay the live on top. I pull down on some sprigs as I secure the garland but nothing fancy. It took me all of 20  minutes to incorporate the live greenery everywhere once the faux was in place.


Even more than when I first completed my master bedroom and shared the reveal earlier this month, I fell in love with it all over again when I brought in some wintery touches and switched the red pillows to these velvety green beauties. I know- kind of weird that I took out the red pillows for Christmas when I was adding red to other places haha.

I actually had this strand of flocked garland when I got my flocked tree but this is my first time breaking it out. If you are contemplating decorating any room in your home besides the main living area, do yourself a favor and add some sparkle to your bedroom. I’ve basically been hibernating in it ever since.

And, no surprise here- my assistant has also more than enjoyed it

By “hibernating” I mean, binge watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies while working, wrapping gifts. My bed has basically become my office over the past week.


The only new Christmas decor I purchased this year (besides a few rolls of ribbon and a couple boxes of balls) were these little flocked trees. I couldn’t find them online but found a similar one HERE.

Similar to the happy accident of the breakfast room, this is the Christmas tree that almost wasn’t. You know how I got my second wind the day we got home from Thanksgiving Before our trip, I totally thought this tree was going to be a snowy, naked forest goddess but changed my mind after we walked in the door a few days ago. (The vote on insta-stories didn’t hurt either ). I stuck to silver and white and used all ribbon, ornaments, and picks I already had on hand that I’d boxed and sent back down to the basement. That’s another thing. If you decide not to use ALL of your decor, don’t feel guilty about making selections and returning the rest to storage. Even if it’s good stuff. You can always incorporate it in later years.

For my topper, I used some glistening white berry branches (similar) and broke off each stem. I continued to stick ’em in in and bring them down a little more sparsely until the top was full. Sometimes, you don’t have to have a grand statement on top – just a little cohesive cluster

Another way to use leftover ornaments , even after you’ve filled vases and sprinkled them on shelves and tables, is underneath your tree. Most of these came from the great room tree from previous years.


The last stop on today’s tour is in the dining room where I went in a completely opposite direction. You’ve already seen glimpses in my “Fake It, Don’t Bake It” holiday entertaining post and my Christmas tree decorating tutorial. If you haven’t seen those, well, I decided to go with a meadow theme after being inspired by a single roll of floral ribbon.

I nestled moss in the tree, added a few birds, and resorted to the discounted floral stems to create an unexpected themed tree. Again, all my ornaments were neutral and already on hand. When I got home, I headed to the basement to see how I could “Christmas-fy “some spring-y decor. I grabbed some mossy branches and a spring fern wreath and that was all I needed.

Because I used moss, I stayed away from snow; I used a scarf as my runner base, sprinkled in some candles and leftover ornaments, and declared these “meadow” reindeer

My favorite easy craft (I was really proud of this idea, y’all) was taking my spring fern wreath, stuffing a small Christmas wreath inside (I literally just wedged it in), and then hot-gluing a few pinecones on the outside. I fluffed the branches of both wreaths into each other and ta-da! A meadow Christmas wreath was born.

I wish every Christmas photo could be taken after the sun started setting… that’s when the trees really like to show off

For this topper, I stuck in two branches (pull them apart and spread them out so they aren’t just a straight bundle), and trickled a few blue floral stems in that I broke apart. I love the little cascade. I also love that I got them for .90/stem on clearance.


It isn’t even December yet and I’ve already gone through every emotion, declaring that Christmas will be elaborate to simple, saying we’re ahead then behind, and having no motivation and then getting a wild hair. Whatever Christmas looks like for you, do that and enjoy it. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re “supposed to do” that if you don’t slow down and look around, Christmas will be over and all you’ll have to show for it is a bunch of glitter on your floor that you resent. Now that I’ve conquered our surroundings, I’m more focused on traditions and the fun times ahead. Create a holiday home that your family will love celebrating and relaxing in all season long. If you want to go more simple this year, focus on one or two areas and put all your effort in those areas. A few things in one space can be more powerful than several things spread throughout the house. Wishing you all the best holiday season, with lots of special moments and memories made with your family and loved ones. For more Christmas inspo to come, be sure to sign up for my emails at the bottom of the post; it’s the best way for us to keep in touch


Flocked Bedroom Tree  – 9′ | Great Room Tree – 9′ | Dining Room Tree – 7′ | Mini Flocked Bedroom Trees (similar)


Gray Plaid Throw | Gray White Ticking Striped Pillows | Chunky Gray Throw with Tassels in Basket| Cream Chunky Throw in Basket | Gray Faux Mohair Throw on ChaiseVolcano Ash Floor Vase | White Vase | White Vase 2 | Accordion Vase | Terracotta Vase | Box with Pumpkins on Bookshelf | Ticking Striped Pillows | Tiger Striped Pillows |  Thatcher Wing Back Chairs | Table Lamp | Garden Stool | Blanket BasketQuatrefoil Mirrors Between Windows | Gold Foil Texas Georgia State Art Prints | White Lidded Urn | Tree Art | Log Basket | Round Mirrors: World Market – no longer available (SIMILAR) | Wooden Tray: Pottery Barn – no longer available (SIMILARVolcano Candle | Mirrored Console Table: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Console Table Lamps: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Oversized Tray | ZGallerie Palais Side Table (IDENTICAL) | ZGallerie Palais  Coffee Table (IDENTICAL) | Rug: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Alarm Clock | Sofa: La-Z-Boy Aspen Collection | Fan: Progressive Lighting | Paint: Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle


Bar Stools | Marble Cheese Board | Wooden Paddle Board | Soap Pedestal | Acrylic Tray | Marble Wood Cutting Board | Wooden Bowl: Pottery Barn Outlet | Round Wood Wall Decor (SIMILAR)| Coasters | Pedestal | Ceramic Artichoke (SIMILAR) | Pedestal Bowl: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Candle Holders | Refrigerator | Cabinet Pulls: Pewter (SIMILAR) | Gravy Boat | FaucetStainless Cooktop | Stainless Steel Canopy Pro Style Wall Mount Range Hood | Paint: Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams | Cabinet Paint: Unknown | Granite: Giallo Ornamental  | Backsplash: Puebla Travertina Beige in 3×6 tiles with Snow White Grout | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle


Chairs | Table: Refinished (PROJECT HERE) | Chandelier | Round Mirror (SIMILAR) | Curtain Panels: (98″ in White) | Curtain Rod |  White Soup Tureen | Platter | Sideboard: HomeGoods (SIMILAR) | Candelabras (SIMILAR) | Ice Bucket | Wine Cooler | Wine Trough | Cake Stands: HERE, HERE, HERE| Espresso Cups Saucers | Ceramic Vase (SIMILAR) | Paint: Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle


Chairs – Linen | Bar Cart12-Light Chandelier | Tapered Candle Sticks | Pillar Candle Holders | Gold Flatware | Mirror: Homegoods – (SIMILAR) | Dining Table:  (84″ in Salvaged Brown) | Buffet: (72″ in Distressed White) | Curtain Panels: (98″ in White) | Rug: HomeGoods- Safavieh | Lamps: HomeGoods – (SIMILAR) | Silver Tea Service: Family Heirloom – (SIMILAR) | Cream Table Runners | Plaid Table Runner Plaid Napkins: HomeGoods | Church Painting | Water Lillies Art | Paint: Lauren’s Surprise by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle


LINENS: White Linen Duvet Cover Euro Shams| Belgian Flax Linen Linen Quilt (in Flagstone) | King Linen Shams (in Flagstone) | 700 Thread Count Sheets | Leopard Pillow | Green Velvet Pillows | Black Cream Striped Pillows

FURNITURE: Bed | Nightstands | Dresser- Restoration Hardware (no longer available) | Oversized Chair (in natural) | Oversized Chair with Ottoman (in natural) | Side Table in Sitting Nook | Garden Stool | Bench 

WALLS Cordless) | Leaning Floor Mirror- HomeGoods | Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

LIGHTING: Chandelier | Bedside Lamps | Floor Lamp

FLOORS: Gray Rug in Sitting Nook (5×7) | Chunky Cream Wool Rug (8×10)| Sheepskin- Costco

ACCESSORIES: Small Flocked Trees Flanking TV (similar) | Brass Mirror Tray on Ottoman | Foo Dog- HomeGoods (Similar) | Catch-all China Dish | Leopard Throw- HomeGoods (Similar) | Oversized Double Handle Basket- HomeGoods (Similar) | Hamper- HomeGoods (Similar) | Gray Striped Throw- HomeGoods

*Note: Post contains affiliate links and sources throughout the post. Where product is no longer available, a similar substitute has been listed Windows 8 Activator


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